Perception Capital Corp. II (PCCT) Shareholders Approve Spectaire Deal
by Marlena Haddad on 2023-10-13 at 5:37pm

Perception Capital Corp. II (NASDAQ:PCCT) announced that its shareholders approved its combination with equipment manufacturer Spectaire at a special meeting held earlier today.

At the meeting, holders of 1,534,487 Class A ordinary shares and 5,750,000 Class B ordinary shares were present, representing 92.26% of the issued and outstanding shares. The deal was overwhelmingly approved as holders of 7,013,879 shares voted in favor of the transaction and holders of just 210,608 shares voted against it.

While the SPAC has not yet revealed final redemption figures, it entered today’s shareholder vote revealing with a different 8-K this morning that 2,049,498 Class A Ordinary Shares had already redeemed, leaving it with approximately $22.3 million and just 31,417 shares. Perception II hit a high yesterday of $15.40, but closed today at $10.30, slightly below its estimated $10.72 pro rata cash in trust.

Earlier this week, Perception II secured a $3.5 million PIPE commitment from investor Dr. Jörg Mosolf. The initial purchase of 50,000 shares, at $10.00 per share, will happen concurrently with the closing of the deal for $500,000. Within two years after the closing, Dr. Mosolf will buy additional shares for $10.00 per share, totaling $3 million.

The SPAC also recently entered into a $650,000 agreement with Polar Multi-Strategy Master Fund to provide money for its expenses until the deal is finalized. In return, PCCT will give Polar 0.9 shares of common stock for every dollar provided.

Perception II inked the $203 million combination with Spectaire earlier this year in January and added a $25 million cash closing condition in March. Neither party has specified a timeline for finalizing the deal.

Watertown, Massachusetts-based Spectaire provides a precision micro mass spectrometer designed to help companies demonstrate carbon emission reductions.


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