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The Latest SPAC News and Rumors: September 21, 2021
by Marlena Haddad on 2021-09-21 at 11:35am

Below is a daily summary of links to the latest SPAC news and rumors gathered across the web. 

Latest SPAC News: Timberlake, Lizzo back Hydrow ahead of SPAC deal, Malaysia reviews framework for SPACs, and Embark Trucks collaborates with Cummins 

Timberlake, Lizzo Back Rowing Startup Hydrow Ahead of SPAC Deal

Recording artists Justin Timberlake and Lizzo invested in Hydrow, a maker of at-home rowing machines that’s discussing going public through a merger with Sandbridge X2 Corp. (NYSE:SBII).

NFL star Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and comedian Whitney Cummings, who like Timberlake and Lizzo, own Hydrow machines, are also among the company’s previously undisclosed investors. The foursome and retailer Fabletics join actor Kevin Hart, who was named creative director of Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Hydrow last October.


Malaysia to Review SPACs Rules to Profit From Blockbuster Deals 

Malaysia is reviewing its framework for SPACs, amid a surge in demand for such fundraising vehicles globally, according to the nation’s markets regulator.

The review is part of the Securities Commission’s five-year plan, which aims to make Malaysian markets more relevant and efficient. The move comes weeks after Singapore and Hong Kong introduced rules for blank-check companies to list in Asia’s main financial hubs.


Embark Testing Cummins Inc.’s Automatic Powertrain Control in Self-Driving Trucks

Embark Trucks Inc., a leading developer of autonomous technology for the trucking industry, today announced a collaboration with Cummins to accelerate the integration of next-generation truck components and controls in self-driving trucks.

Under this collaboration, Embark is testing Cummins’ automated driving system (ADS) powertrain interface to manage powertrain operations.

In June 2021, Embark entered into a definitive business combination agreement with Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. II (NYSE: NGAB).



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