Morning Roundup: December 11, 2023
by Nicholas Alan Clayton on 2023-12-11 at 7:57am

At the SPAC of Dawn

This week is set to see SPACs rush to tie up business combinations nicely in a bow before the final two weeks of the year. Eight SPACs currently have completion votes on the docket this week, while there are currently just four more booked for the rest of 2023.

Eight SPACs are also already making plans for the new year, in asking shareholders for more time in extension votes this week.

So far there are some signs that the redemptions situation could be easing somewhat going into 2024. Only four SPACs have fully completed deals since November 1 and they saw 95.6% of shares redeemed, while SPACs that have not yet closed but have had votes during the period had 89.8% redemptions.

That compares to a year-long median of 97.7% of shares redeemed across the 82 SPACs that completed transactions in 2023. The recent bump in the other direction could be due to a small size, but hope springs eternal.

News and Rumors

  • Bloomberg: Data firm Near Intelligence (NASDAQ:NIR) has filed for bankruptcy and it plans to sell itself just nine months after completing its combination with KludeIn I. Private credit firm Blue Torch Capital has reportedly provided an initial offer to buy up its assets for $50 million.
  • PR: Concrete Pumping Holdings (NASDAQ:BBCP) announced that its 13,017,677 warrants expired at 5 pm ET December 6, on the five-year anniversary of its 2018 combination with Industrea.


Scheduling Notes

  • 7GC & Co.(NASDAQ:VII), reconvened and then further adjourned, without conducting any other business, its special meeting relating to its proposed business combination with Banzai International. The meeting has been further adjourned until December 11 at 1:00 p.m., ET.
  • dMY Squared (NYSE:DMYY) has postponed its December 13 extension vote into the new year and will now aim to convene it at 11 am ET January 2, 2024. This will give shareholders until December 28 to make final redemption decisions on what is a large extension ask. The proposal on the ballot would allow dMY Squared to extend its deadline in monthly increments up to 23 times from January 4, 2024 to up to December 29, 2025 in exchange for monthly contributions of $50,000.
Recent Posts
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