Morning Roundup: October 23, 2023
by Nicholas Alan Clayton on 2023-10-23 at 7:51am

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Good morning! Watch this space moving forward as a roundup of evening filings as well as news nuggets to nibble on beside your morning coffee.

Car ownership has long been considered a part of the American Dream, but it’s a slice of that goal that is getting more expensive even faster that housing.

The average annual cost of owning a new car jumped +13.5% this year to $12,182 according to a AAA study cited by the NYT. That’s no small change for the 92% of households that have at least one car and SPACs have been heavily involved in the economics of auto in recent years.

Since 2019, SPACs have completed six deals with targets SPACInsider categorizes as “AutoTech” with five more announced and one new SPAC, Zi Toprun, on file to IPO with a focus on this area.

Forty-six more SPACs have either done deals recently or are seeking to do so with the makers of EV batteries or EVs themselves. But with expenses rising, there may also be opportunities in disrupting the consumer cost burdens in this space.

Americans are falling behind on their auto loans at the highest rate in almost 30 years with 6.1% of subprime auto borrowers past due on their loans by at least 60 days last month. Insurance and personal finance are tough nuts to disrupt in a risk-off environment, but the sectors have also brought some of the most successful SPAC deals of the past decade.

Limbach Holdings (NASDAQ:LMB) continues to trade above $28 seven years out from its combination with 1347 Capital. CF I closed with FGL a year later and it was later acquired for $12.50 per share in 2020, followed by Easterly‘s combination with SiriusPoint (NYSE:SPNT) in 2018 and Tiberius‘ deal wtih INTL General Insurance (NASDAQ:IGIC) in 2020 with both de-SPACs trading above $10 today.

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