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2022-11-23 at 3:50pm

SPACs and the use of projections have gotten a fair amount of attention this year from both the media and the SEC. And the pending SEC SPAC Rule could have an additional effect on how bankers and SPAC teams handle projections in the future. However, Jim Zukin, of Zukin Certification Services (“ZCS”), and Christian Nagler,...

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2022-11-02 at 7:32am

Is it possible to do to the car rental industry what Airbnb has done for travel accommodation? That is Getaround’s thesis as it runs a marketplace where people can rent out their personal cars for short trips, and it announced a $900 million combination agreement with Interprivate II Acquisition Corp. in May. This week, we speak with Getaround founder and...

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2022-10-27 at 7:44am

The market is down, but so are valuations for private companies looking at their strategic options. There are now bargains to be had for recent de-SPACs looking to execute a post-listing roll-up strategy, according to FiscalNote Chairman, CEO and co-founder Tim Hwang. This week, we catch up with Tim to talk about how his company has kept busy in...

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2022-10-20 at 4:18pm

People are traveling again, but not many hotel chains focused on Millennial and Gen Z customers have achieved a global scale. Selina is hoping to be that company. It signed a $996 million combination agreement with BOA Acquisition Corp. in December 2021 and it is now approaching its close. This week we speak with Selina...

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2022-10-12 at 7:35am

This week we speak with Jay Chandan, Chairman and CEO of Gorilla Technology, and Raj Natarajan, its Chief Innovation Officer. Gorilla closed a $720 million combination with Global SPAC Partners in July and has since been a bright spot among recent de-SPACs, consistently trading in the $11 to $12 range. Jay and Raj explain how...

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2022-10-06 at 7:46am

We all know you can make alternative meats out of plants, but what about growing meat from plants? This week, we speak with Gastón Paladini, Co-founder and CEO of Moolec Science, which announced a $504 million dollar combination with LightJump Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: LJAQ) in June. Moolec is pioneering a new way to achieve plant-based...

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2022-10-03 at 7:26am

An In-Depth Look at SPAC Activity Throughout the Third Quarter and Year-to-Date Below is a summary of SPAC performance in 2022 year-to-date. Now that the third quarter of 2022 has come to a close, we take a look back at year-to-date activity. Market conditions tied to inflation, Fed rate hikes, and geopolitical risk have all...

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2022-09-29 at 5:49pm

Liberty Media Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: LMAC) filed a proxy this afternoon for a shareholder vote to liquidate early. Liberty Media’s current completion deadline is January 26, 2023, but today’s filing is asking shareholders to approve an amendment that would allow the Board to change the date to no later than December 30, 2022. As has...

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2022-09-23 at 7:10pm

Digital World (NASDAQ:DWAC) revealed in an 8-K filed this afternoon that $138.5 million worth of investors in their $1 billion PIPE have opted to not participate going forward. The original $1 billion convertible preferred had an Outside Date of September 20, 2022, at which time any of the PIPE investors could terminate their respective subscription...

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2022-09-22 at 7:23am

This week, we speak with Len Liptak, CEO of ProSomnus Sleep Technologies, which announced a $168 million combination with Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp. (Nasdaq: LAAA), in May. ProSomnus has developed a new device to treat obstructive sleep apnea that disrupts the need for its millions of sufferers to be connected to ventilators at night. Len...

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